A Taste for Art, Food, Drink and Film
May 14-July 30 2014

At Hal's Bar & Grill
1349 Abbot Kinney Boulevard
Venice 90291

 Opening Reception Wednesday May 14, 6-8 PM   

Featuring the Los Angeles premiere of "My Dinner with the Klines" (6-8PM)

Debby and Larry Kline are certainly the leading conceptual, performance and visual artists who work with, among other things, restaurant-found materials. 

From Andy Warhol’s iconic Campbell soup cans, through Stanley Kubrick’s lens, to cutting-edge artists emerging today, the exhibition explores a universal theme from the perspective of painting, printmaking, sculpture, art objects and film.

All works are lent by artists, galleries and collectors within the V-SCAPE community.

Charles Arnoldi
Anne Belov
Corinne Chaix
Ron Cooper
Mark X Farina
Andrew Foster
David Gilhooly
Scott Grieger
Raul Guererro
D J Hall
David Hockney
Nancy Kay
Debby and Larry Kline
Gayle Lewis
Mark Licari
Roy Lichtenstein
Jean Lowe
Claudia Parducci
Raymond Pettibon
Ken Price
Ed Ruscha
Alexis Smith
Todd Squires
Wayne Thiebaud
James David Thomas
Andy Warhol

  Anne Belov courtesy A. R. Taylor, Venice; Jean Lowe courtesy Quint Gallery, La Jolla, Raymond Pettibon              courtesy Robert Berman Gallery, Santa Monica; Ed Ruscha, courtesy Hamilton Press Gallery, Venice,                    
all other loans courtesy of  the artist or V-SCAPE.

VIDEOS: Dinner With The Klines - John Landis, Animal House -  Stanley Kubrick, Tom Jones  - Andy Warhol Eats a Hamburger - Rob Reiner, When Harry met Sally.



J.Scott Smith / Lucas Reiner  

May 21 - October 2013


Ed Moses - Sandy Lajer
April 9 - May 21 2013


Ned Evans / Andy Moses
 Feb 5 - April 8 2013


Alexis Smith - Scott Greiger

So make it one for my baby
And one more for the road
Dec 4- Feb 4 2013


Edith Baumann - Peter Alexander


Raymond Pettibon - Stas Orlovski


curated by Tibby Rothman

June - July 2012

Artists   X   Architects                           
Larry Bell   X   Lorcan O’Herlihy                     
Billy Al Bengston   X   Neil M. Denari                       
Casper Brindle   X   Andreas Froech                       
Huguette Caland   X   Mark Mack                            
Laddie John Dill   X   Kulapat Yantrasast                   
Ned Evans   X   David Hertz                          
Alexis Smith   X   Lawrence Scarpa                      
Barbara T. Smith   X   John Frane/Hadrian Predock           
Laurie Steelink   X   Erla Dögg Ingjaldsdóttir             
             /Tyggvi Thorsteinsson                
De Wain Valentine   X   Patrick Tighe                        
Jennifer Wolf   X   Dwayne Oyler/Jenny Wu                

Artists X Architects I
match 11 artists with 11 architects
have them select one piece from each others work

The affinity between the disciplines of art and architecture dates back through millennia. In Artists X Architects, writer Tibby Rothman pairs eleven artists and architects, both emerging and established , as a way to create a unique visual dialogue between the two.

During an exchange of studio visits, artists and architects each selected a single work from one another to be exhibited side-by-side.

Rather than “finished pieces,” a completed painting and a photograph of a finished structure, Rothman asked for glimpses of an individual’s process: a sketch, a study, a small piece, a rendering, a material study or a similar piece. Stripped of art and architecture’s divergent vocabulary, the connections or complements between the pair are revealed.

Rothman saw the eleven matches as making interesting combinations visually, conceptually, and, in some matches, in their personalities. The show is two shows: the pieces exhibited and the studio visits that led to them but that will not be seen.

Architects and artists hijacked studio visits into lunches, dinners or meetings held over a series of weeks. In some cases, ideas for future collaborations began and will be explored in Artists X Architects II.

Tibby Rothman has traversed the worlds of art and architecture since founding the now defunct Venice-Paper in 2001. A writer, journalist and creative strategist, she is particularly respected for her interviews with prominent Los Angeles artists and architects. This show continues her work revealing inter-disciplinary connections.Rothman is a contributing writer for the LA Weekly and The Architect’s Newspaper.

The exhibition is sponsored by The Architect’s Newspaper, Joe’s and V-SCAPE.

Corinne Chaix,310.822.2218, till June 5) or Tibby Rothman,310.773.4525 


 Guy Dill
"Explorations in the second Dimension" 

Jan-March 19  2012


November - December  2011
Looking back is a survey of V-Scape exhibitions from 2009 through 2011 including:


August-October 2011



April 20 - June 26 2011


Jan 26 - April 18 2011